How do players say goodbye to Fortnite? There are also petitions not to shut down servers

Chinese Fortnite players have to come to terms with the fact that Epic will shut down servers on November 15.

Yesterday it was officially announced that after 3 years of creating and actively supporting Fortnite in the version for China, Epic will close the servers there. This means that Chinese players will lose all their cosmetics, all passes, and will not be able to play at all.

Therefore, the community is slowly saying goodbye to Fortnite, creating even a big heart in the center of the map:

There are also petitions

Due to the situation, the community is asking Epic to be able to transfer its items to a different, global server. This seems quite logical, although it is difficult to say whether Chinese laws allow it. “Fortnite China” is completely different from the international one, playing it can cause many problems for the Chinese.

It is not yet known whether Epic will agree to these requests. Certainly, there are a lot of emotions around the whole situation. For example, the community would also like to be able to purchase these typically Chinese items:

They are now fully ready and could easily come out as additional styles to the items you already have.