The perfect way to outsmart your opponent in Fortnite. Nearly no one expects it

Chapter 3 introduced some interesting mechanics to Fortnite that can really surprise you.

Spiderman and his various items evoke mixed feelings in the community. Mainly because the ability to move quickly with a net can be simply OP in some situations.

Similarly with the emote, which is used not so much to impress someone, but to deceive players in a very perfidious way.

How to outsmart your opponent?

Everyone knows for sure the feeling in which the opponent chases you, you run outside through the door of the building and there is this short moment when you can somehow outplay the opponent. Putting up a wall, of course, is a way out, but a more creative way is to use the Spiderman emote.

Why? This one, used at the right time and place, allows you to “hide” from your opponent. He will have no idea what is going on and where you have disappeared.


This method is becoming more and more popular, so more and more people use it. For a few days, you will be able to outplay your opponents in this way. Then, rather, everyone will look up when going through the door.