What happens to this Fortnite emote if you win more than 99 games? Epic did not foresee this

Epic saves all victories, but for some reason is unable to go over 99 when it comes to the crown emote.

In Season 1 of Chapter 3, a special mechanic was added to Fortnite, based on the crown. Victory is rewarded with the crown, but also with a special emote.

This emote shows your current win streak, which is the number of matches won in a row. Epic did not anticipate that someone could have over 99 of them.

What happens after that?

Normally, the number 99 should show 100. However, Epic did not anticipate that someone would be able to win 100 matches in a row, so the possibility of displaying this number has not been implemented.

So what will happen? The countdown timer to the desired number is extended. This means that with 999 crowns it will take the system a few minutes to get to 99.

Few people will manage to reach 99 wins in a row, so it’s not really a huge problem. Oddly, though, Epic just didn’t add up to 100 and above, since the game is tracking wins progress anyway.