The new Fortnite team is a female version of the old skin. “The Getaway Gang has a new accomplice…”

Epic has already presented the new Fortnite Crew. Many people will be surprised as there will be the feminine style of the old skin.

The new Crew pack is of course a skin, wrap, music pack, pickaxe, and backpack. There is quite a lot of it and it seems that Epic hit the jackpot this time. Mainly because it’s about “Ace Up Your Sleeve”.

The skin is very simple, minimalist, and without unnecessary elements. The fact that it is white will definitely help in the wintertime when there is snow on the map.

New Fortnite Crew

As we read in the official announcement:

Not one to hold back, Loveless has a look for every operation. Switch between her different masks in the Locker, each representing a different card suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades). What about changing faces? Play a face card with the Calling Card Back Bling — additionally in the Crew Pack — and choose between the “Diamond King” and “Heart Queen” in the Locker. (See it spin when you open a Chest!)

Also, because no good crime goes unsigned, the September Crew Pack contains the Stylus Edge Pickaxe. Back to switching suits, the Crew Pack’s Shooting Shuffle Wrap changes suits with each elimination. Looking to add to your music shuffle? September’s Crew Pack includes the The Loveless Bandit Lobby Track as well.

The skin will naturally be available from September 1 to all those who have or are about to buy the Fortnite Crew.