Adult movie star banned from Fortnite by Epic. Epic responds

One of the women who play in 18+ movies, who is currently involved in streaming, among other things, was in a sense banned from Twitch Rivals.

Twitch Rivals is a very important event that attracts many popular streamers. Adriana Chechik was supposed to appear in Fortnite’s Twitch Rivals, but from what the streamer says, she was rejected by Epic due to her past.

Streamer videos can be found on 18+ websites. As she says, she is now struggling with her past and it is because of it that she was allegedly not allowed to play Fortnite.

Ban for the past

This is a very interesting case that quickly became popular. The streamer herself has over 777,000 followers, 2,000 streamed hours, and nearly 20 million views. So she’s not the first better actress to switch to Twitch and suddenly want to take part in Rivals.

From what she says, Epic refused to allow her to participate because of her past with 18+ movies.


Epic responded to this by saying that if the streamer removes 18+ content from her stream, it probably won’t be a problem. Fortnite is in theory a game also intended for younger people and hence the whole situation.

Will this situation resolve itself somehow? Probably yes, but this is one of the signals from Epic that the studio will not be engaging openly with people who are still referring to 18+ content.