73 new skins in a Fortnite survey leak. Virtually all of them were released recently

There was another loud leak of skins in Fortnite. This is about Epic’s poll again.

This is probably the third time the survey from Epic has leaked. Developers 100% had to take it into account. We would like to remind you that previously practically all skins that were included in these polls entered the game.

This time it will probably be similar. Dozens of skins, some of which are almost certainly intended for the next Fortnite season.

Skin leak

All skins look like this:

This time it is interesting because the poll included a lot of “remixes” of popular skins. Including the Renegade Raider.

It is possible that there are skins for future passes, maybe packs, even starter ones. Surveys in previous years served as a very large hint of what to expect.