They used to be the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world. What is happening to them today?

Thanks to Fortnite, many streamers and YouTubers made their way to the top. They gathered tens of thousands of people on their transmissions. What is happening to them today?

Fortnite had many influencers, and after the decline in the popularity of Epic Games’ production, some did better, and others did not at all. One of the biggest drops was Myth – a player and streamer who was probably known by everyone. On Twitch, he gathered over 7.4 million followers.

Today, the streamer doesn’t turn on Fortnite very often. The last time was in June 2022. The effect is that in the last month, the streamer was watched on average by about 3.5 thousand people. In the best times, it was nearly 40,000 spectators.

Tfue, on the other hand, normally outnumbered over 50,000 viewers. At his best, i.e. at the turn of 2018 and 2019, everyone watched him. Today he is not doing so well, so far he has collected over 11 million followers on TTV.

Tfue streams Fortnite quite regularly, practically every day. Thanks to this, he was able to stop the drain of viewers. At his worst, 7,000 people watched him, now this number has increased to nearly 13,000.

NICKMERS is a streamer who also had a very good timing, but later than Tfue. His glory days are 2020-2021. At that time, he was approaching the average number of viewers of 50,000.

He still plays Fortnite quite regularly. The effect is that 6.5 million subscribers translate into roughly 18 thousand viewers. A very good result for today’s ranking.

Ninja from 100,000 to the big break

The most popular Fortnite streamer was by far Ninja. In total, he has 18 million followers, his record months exceeded the average number of viewers by over 100,000. How is he doing today? He still plays Fortnite and still isn’t too bad. On average, he has been watched by 11,000 people recently, and his audience is fairly constant.

Virtually all of these sooner or later returned to Fortnite. The only one who did not do it is Myth, although there are many more examples of popular streamers – they were the greatest of their time.