The Fortnite storyline begins to develop. A few members of the Seven have disappeared from the island, only helmets remain

The Fortnite story is something that may not be watched by a whole lot of people, but you need to know about it now that Epic is slowly starting to develop it.

Epic’s recent moves towards the plot have been very delicate. This is slowly changing now. It probably has to do with the coming end of the season, although it has not been confirmed yet.

In any case, players have noticed that some members of the Seven have literally disappeared from the island. Apparently, there is a bad character behind it, which we wrote about some time ago. Epic is definitely getting ready to return to the typical development of the storyline. Only the helmets were there

Disappearances of the members of the Seven

The disappearance was spotted by a Reddit user with the nickname “AdrianZGZ”. Only helmets or other elements of clothing of the selected members remained.

Hardly anyone noticed it, and in theory it is really important. It is difficult to say what will happen next and what the developers are planning to do. There is a lot of talk about the new character set to shake up the Fortnite world.

There are many theories on this subject, but none is certain or confirmed at this point.