The new Fortnite graphics confirm the new spot and the upcoming sliding mechanics

Epic itself confirms various leaks, this time the mechanics known from Apex Legends.

There are several different mechanics and solutions in Apex Legends that Epic has borrowed to their Fortnite. Everything indicates that players can already be getting ready for another such case. This time it is a very characteristic slide.

The slide allows you to gain speed, it is also an ideal way to move quickly and efficiently. Epic apparently thought it would be an interesting addition to Fortnite.

A slide and a new spot

One artwork confirmed two things. First of all, a new spot that looks very promising at first glance. Something like a desert, but still with buildings, makes an impression, especially in this color scheme.

In addition, you should pay attention to the pose of the first character on the set. It can’t be a coincidence that there is a slide in the leaks, and Epic adds something like that.

From leaks:

  • You will be able to shoot while sliding.
  • The type of surface is intended to influence the sliding speed.
  • You will have to wait 2 seconds between the slides.
  • FOV will increase by 15 units upon sliding.

Probably this mechanic will be added in the 3rd chapter, which will probably start in December. The new chapter is, of course, a new map with new locations and unprecedented mechanics.