The big battle is coming to Fortnite. Everything you need to know about a match between 80 players at once

A new “LTM” mode is coming to Fortnite, called “Big Battle”. What is it and why is it so interesting?

Epic in the past introduced many interesting modes that were very popular. Now leakers are announcing another one that has great potential. In short, it will be about two large teams of 40 players fighting with each other.

In total, there will be 80 people on the map, but we also have to include bots – these will be enabled. The mode itself is very interesting – players will get items to start, they will only have one life, etc.

New Fortnite Mode

As leakers describe it:

  • 80 people in total, 40 in one team.
  • Bots are enabled,
  • Respawning is disabled (1 life).
  • Players will get a specific pool of items to start.

This has great potential. Gamers like this kind of team match, and it’s going to be something of the sort. Of course, the whole thing is to take place without the most important element for Fortnite, i.e. without building.