Open beta in Fortnite files. Something big is coming to the game that needs testing

Leakers inform that in Fortnite files there is new information about the open beta.

There is no doubt that Epic will want to test something soon. According to leakers, something big, because in the files there was information about the upcoming Fortnite beta. However, it is not known what it concerns.

We are talking only about open testing, but since there is an open beta, then we should also expect a closed beta. At this point, the only sensible lead is Creative Mode 2.0.

Fortnite Open Beta

Epic has always had a lot of stuff to test, but it never required a special beta. It is changing now, or at least it is going to change. So little is known about it that it is difficult to say anything other than that something is coming.

But what it is, what it will introduce, what will change, what will it add – we will find out only when Epic discloses more information on this topic. And this can happen in a few days, weeks, or months. With such topics, you can’t be sure.