The 9 most used skins in this Fortnite season. This is what it looks like at the very end

Unofficial statistics show which skins were the most popular in the current season.

This kind of information must be approached with a pinch of salt, as the statistics are unofficial and come from only a fraction of all matches. The players were able to obtain them by tracking replays and analyzing them in terms of the items the players had.

In this way, a total of 9 skins were selected, which were the most popular this season. There are no major surprises here, especially among these most popular skins. This is a good indicator of what not to wear if you want to stand out.

The most popular skins of the season

From the information revealed, it is clear which skins players used most often. This is actually information for those who don’t like to dress in what everyone else does.

Is this some kind of breaking news? Certainly not, it’s more of a curiosity that affects literally nothing. In any case, it’s good to know which skins are most popular.