Skins in Forntite are going to change a lot soon. Epic wants them to have different sound effects

It would seem that there is not much that can be done about cosmetic items in Fortnite. And yet, Epic has an idea.

The developers are currently working on several things, one of which is dedicated to cosmetic items. It turns out that Epic wants different sounds to “flow” from it depending on the skin you wear.

It sounds quite unusual, but the case is rather obvious. With sandals on your feet, the sound of your footstep will be different from that of heavy shoes. This is a very interesting direction that can work.

Sounds of owned skins

As HYPEX writes, different elements of the skins will have different sounds. This should apply to both shoes and the clothes or gloves themselves.

While the leaker is convinced that he is right and something like this will be introduced, he is unable to show any of these sounds. It will definitely be interesting in a way, the only question is whether or not it will affect the gameplay.

These days, steps are a very important sign that someone is approaching. With sandals on, the sound will be different, possibly quieter. Epic must ensure that a particular type of shoe does not provide an advantage.