A winter event in Fortnite. Skins, dates, free skins, return items and more

A typical winter event is coming to Fortnite. We know so much about it that we can slowly sum up all the information.

The next update to be released in Fortnite will be 19.10. According to leakers, it is on test servers and will be added “soon”. This may mean that Epic will not wait its standard 2 weeks, and will add a new patch next Tuesday, December 14th.

This is confirmed by the rest of the information, such as the Marshmello one. His style is due to be added on December 14th. If so, the event itself can start on Tuesday. Of course, this is not for sure, but it is the first date when this event can be expected.

Fortnite Christmas Winter Event for 2021

You can expect the return of items typical of winter, such as snowmen, gifts and other holiday decorations. The Winter Festival itself is called “Vault World” in the files, according to leakers, a different background will appear in the menu, of course also in the lobby.

Of course, new cosmetic items will be added to the game, especially skins. We have known about these for a long time.

Don’t forget the two skins that won the community best concept competition. Potentially, these two skins will be free:

So this year there will be a classic winter event with:

  • Free items,
  • Typically Christmas accessories – snowmen, gifts,
  • Map decorated with lights,
  • New lobby, menu, potentially classic holiday home,
  • Challenges.

So far, there is no information about the “live event”, so it is possible that everything will be limited to winter.