Same place, same skin and same theme. Two Fortnite photos that are 3 years and 13 seasons apart

The theme of the cube has returned to Fortnite after many seasons, and players are clearly nostalgic.

Fortnite has undergone huge changes since its early seasons. When Kevin first arrived on the island, hardly anyone thought that the map would be taken over by aliens someday and that so much would happen in the future.

Gamers reminisce what it used to be like by showing off their old Season 5 screenshots. That’s when Kevin showed up. Let us remind you that it was still in 2018.

Photos that are 3 years apart

A Reddit user with the nickname “Ke23mvp” added a photo that evoked a lot of memories in many people. The graphics show practically the same place on the map, the same theme (cube), and even the same skin.

Virtually everything has changed over the last few years. From graphics, through HUD, available items, to Epic Games itself. Perhaps the studio will want to go back to its old ideas, as it is doing now with Kevin.

In fact, hardly anyone remembers that there were zones with reduced gravity on the original cube, exactly what appeared relatively recently. Realized in a slightly different way, but the way it works remained the same.