Rebirth in Fortnite will undergo very big changes. The latest leaks on the subject

Unofficial information about planned changes in the issue of rebirth has appeared on the web.

This information has not been confirmed by major leakers, but it is spreading at a very high speed. It is necessary to approach it with a pinch of salt.

According to the leaks, the revival system will undergo very big changes. First of all, when a player bids farewell to life, the whole team will receive an elimination card. Rebirth is now to be done with the gold held.

What will change in rebirth?

The full information on this topic talks about rebirth costing only 1 gold.

The author of the leak says this has been in the files for several seasons, specifically since S1C3, so there’s a chance Epic has given up on the idea. There is no confirmation that we are talking about season 4 of Chapter 3 here. It might as well come out next year as well.

Now it’s just a question of what players think about it. You can already see a lot of discussion about it on the web.