Fortnite players can buy a skin for 24 hours and return it. You just have to remember one thing

The latest Fortnite update has made players “rent” skins. However, it is worth knowing about an absolutely basic thing.

There have been some high-profile material on the web about Epic allowing players to use skins for 24 hours. This is partly true, while it is presented as some great secret and mystery.

Does it work? Yes, but it is not a glitch or a big secret. Epic introduced this itself after many suggestions from the community. Anyone can buy a skin and return it up to 24 hours after purchase.

What do you need to know?

There are limitations, of course. If you buy a skin, you can normally wear it in the cabinet, see how it looks with different emoticons, your other cosmetic items, etc. This is a form of test and seeing if it will suit you.

If you are not satisfied, you can normally return the skin. You then go into the store, into that particular skin, and simply undo the purchase.

In doing so, you do not use the return token, you can do it without any limits. The only thing to keep in mind, and what many people forget for some reason, is that you cannot enter the game with such a rented skin.

If you do, the option to return it through the store will simply disappear. This will mean that the skin is already “saved” in the account and can only be returned through the return token.

You can now cancel in-game purchases of cosmetic items made with V-Dollars until you equip them during the game or until 24 hours have passed, whichever comes first. During this cancellation window, a reminder of the rules will appear when equipping a purchased cosmetic item in the match queue or during gameplay.

It is also worth remembering the time limit. You have 24 hours to return the skin.