One of the players’ favorite spots will probably return to Fortnite. Version 2.0

Leakers inform that one of the most interesting spots may return to Fortnite. Of course, in a slightly changed form.

Grotto may return to the game. It is a popular spot in which many people have become addicted to their Fortnite gameplay.

Now HYPEX says that it may come back on the 6-7th week of challenges. Of course, nothing on this topic is confirmed and should not be treated as such. In general, it is said more and more that this big mid-season update will appear around January 18th.

Epic will want to change this spot?

It looks like Epic will go a little crazy after the holiday. In Challenge Week 7, we’ll have the Tilted Towers’ 4th Birthday – that’s when this location may return. Then all the confusion with new items and of course this big update.

For now, unfortunately, you have to wait, at least until January. It is now known that Boba Fett is about to be announced, followed by Fortnite Crew and maybe some small content update.