If you don’t like snow in Fortnite, it won’t be good news for you

It seems that Epic plans to leave some snow, as the developers themselves write.

By now, everyone was convinced that the snow in Fortnite would just melt. It would be a completely natural phenomenon after winter. However, leakers point out that this is not necessarily true. Epic itself wrote on the official blog that only part of the snow would melt.

So you can suspect that the snow will stay on the Fortnite map for good. If someone does not like it, they will definitely not be happy. It is not known yet how much snow will remain, but it is suspected that Epic will want to make one of the biomes with it.

How much snow will be left?

The snow theory is only recent and is based on words Epic used to describe Chapter 3 Season 1. On the official blog, the following sentence appears:

And when most of the snow has melted, cross the grassy plains and see the secret previously hidden under the snow.

“And when most of” – not everything. Of course, it is possible that players, especially leakers, might have misinterpreted this sentence, but for now, it is said that the map will actually have a snow fragment until the end of the season.

HYPEX even tried to create a concept that shows what it could look like. This is, of course, the map on the right, which will be permanently covered with snow.

Of course, this is nothing confirmed and should not be interpreted as such. Epic could simply mean that the snow will melt at its own pace, i.e. rather slowly and over time the map will show more and more different spots, etc.