How many more news are waiting for Fortnite players? There will be a lot of it, but you have to be patient

Many people for some reason assumed that Fortnite will have a content update today. As we wrote yesterday, absolutely nothing happened.

However, this does not mean that there is absolutely nothing waiting for players. It is completely different. Epic has a lot of different news planned, but now, in this holiday season, they are unlikely to be expected.

Exrode will function completely normally, even during Christmas, while game developers are giving up on adding anything. Update 19.10 is scheduled for January 11, 2022.

What awaits the players?

It is possible that by then Epic will introduce some small news. Just to stimulate the community a bit. Rather, it will be some small items or skins. The next “stop” is to be Boba Fett – his premiere is in three days.

Then, of course, the official presentation of the new Fortnite Crew pack and the total lottery. Maybe some functional items, maybe the weather, maybe tornadoes – so far, unfortunately, all dates except Boba Fett and Fortnite Crew are just guesses.