Official trailer for the upcoming Fortnite event. A blueprint of a backpack has been published

A new trailer for the event has been presented, the backpack blueprint.

Soon, on September 12 at 4 PM EDT in Fortnite, the event ending this season – Sky Fire will take place. Now, players who are eager to wait for the event have been exposed to an interesting element that has already appeared in leaks.

It is about the blueprint for the backpack, which has a really big secret. If you remember the leaks, you probably know that they contained a backpack that was supposed to be used to get rid of aliens and stop the invasion.

Mysterious backpack

A trailer for the end of the season has appeared on the official Fortnite Battle Royale channel. Besides the backpack blueprint graphics, it was said that the loadout is already charged and ready for use.

This backpack is likely to be enjoyed by players during the event – it fits perfectly with the leaks. The players’ task may be to place it in the right place and detonate it remotely – this is also indicated by the plans on the left.

Remember that if you want to take part in an event, it is best to log into the game a little earlier. It is possible that the servers will be overloaded again and it will be difficult to get into the game.