The new emote in Fortnite caused controversy because players hear the word “pu*sy”

Today, a new emote has entered the Fortnite Store, which is unlikely to be special in any way, and yet it has aroused a lot more interest than normal.

The emotes that appear in Fortnite aren’t very controversial. Sometimes, however, players get tricked and hear words in the songs that are not there. This is especially true for people who do not know the text or the English language.

According to many people, “stuck” emote was supposed to contain the word “pu**y” in the first words. So it began to rumble on Twitter that Fortnite is primarily a game for kids and that Epic should get rid of that emote.

What does it sound like?

To understand what it is all about, just listen to a few seconds of the trailer published by Epic:


Of course, the word “p**sy” is not there, but “bussin”. The song is incredibly popular on TikTok, so it’s only natural that it would also have to be censored there if users wanted to use it.

Some laughed at it, others took it seriously the fact that Epic was no longer “family-friendly”. However, nothing really happened, people just hear what they want to hear. So there is no question of removing the emote.