New information on the monster that will appear in Fortnite. It will also be in regular Battle Royale

Leakers are publishing new information on the monster that will soon appear in Fortnite.

Already at the very beginning of the 8th season of Fortnite, very interesting information appeared about the creature that is to appear in the game world. Very little was known about him, and the main clue was just one of the shots in the trailer:

Some saw Slender here, others Siren Head, or a character straight from the Fortnite world. Finally, it turns out to be someone or something completely new.

A monster that will appear in Fortnite

It is known from the latest leaks, even from HYPEX, that this character is codenamed “Caretaker”. However, this is not the final name and is subject to change.

According to the leaker, the character is designed for two modes – normal Battle Royale and “Horde Rush”, where he is to be the final boss. There will be three such creatures in one game.

The Caretaker drops:

  • 50 Cube Shards
  • Heals
  • Legendary and mythical items

You can guess that this is primarily about Halloween time and the Fortnitemares event. The official launch date of this creature has not yet been disclosed.