The water level has dropped evidently. Could this spot come back to Fortnite this season?

Recently, this location has been relatively popular, mainly due to Tfue. It is possible that the information from him reached the people of Epic, though this is probably just a coincidence.

Sypher, one of the popular YouTubers, recently asked Tfue under what condition he would return to Fortnite. A very interesting answer was given:

When Grotto is back in the game.

Rather, no one expected any further continuation of this story, and yet the water level indicates that this location does indeed have a chance to return.

Is Epic trolling, or was it planned?

After only a few days, the water level in this location decreased. Leakers aren’t sure yet if this means anything, but there has clearly been a change here. Is it related to the words of Tfue? It’s hard to say, although it looks more like a complete accident.

At the moment, this does not mean the return of the location, it is difficult to understand why Epic decided to make such a change and what is behind it.