Mechs that will appear in Fortnite will have new abilities. When will they be added?

Leakers have explored the topic of mechs that are expected to return to Fortnite. It turns out that it is about their new version.

The mechs that will appear in Fortnite will not be the original ones. According to leaks, Epic has tried to improve them in many respects. In addition to the new possibilities, you should also expect changes to the visual effects.

When will the mechs be introduced? According to unconfirmed information, we are talking about the end of season 8, perhaps it will be closely related to the live event.

Mechs in Fortnite

Theories say players will use mechs to fight against cubes. Of course, their appearance in the game will have to be explained somehow in the story, so in fact, it’s probably a matter of the event.

As HYPEX reports, mechs:

  • They will have new sounds.
  • Their emotes will now be adjusted to mech size.
  • They will be able to fly over the water.
  • They will get better charging results.

You can expect mechs to be directly in Battle Royale, but only for a while. Their main task will probably be related to the event, not wreaking havoc among the players themselves.