Will Fortnite copy key Apex Legends mechanic? There is a similar “slide” in the files

It looks like Fortnite will introduce a new mechanic.

The fact that online games copy ideas from each other is nothing new. Sometimes it was about to become a case for a court, and sometimes only the players paid attention to it. Fortnite, inspired by Among Us situation, came back for Apex Legends.

Leakers found in the files information about the new mechanics that Epic Games is working on. It is specifically about the “slide”. This was known before, but only now some sensible facts have emerged.

Fortnite slide

The sliding ability is one of the basic mechanics in Apex Legends. Most probably know it perfectly well. A character gains momentum while sliding on the surface.

This allows you to perform really interesting tricks. Now leakers point out that something like this could be found in Fortnite. It is not known if this is a temporary game mode or basic Battle Royale, but Epic is definitely up to something.

HYPEX writes that:

  • You will be able to shoot while sliding
  • The type of surface is intended to influence the sliding speed
  • You will have to wait 2 seconds between the slides
  • FOV will increase by 15 units upon sliding

It sounds as if Epic was just “inspired” by Apex, or other productions that offer this way of moving. It will definitely be widely commented once it is in the game.