It is this weapon that will be brought back to Fortnite by the voice of the community

In Season 8, Epic gave players the option to vote which items should return to the game.

This season Epic has created some really interesting mechanics that allow players to decide what item to return to the game. The first time around, the studio had a small slip-up and restored two items without voting, but the bug was fixed fairly quickly.

In the first round, players can vote for two items, but it is practically certain which one will enter the game. Voting may end even today.

What will be back in the game?

At this point, “Rift-to-go” has just over 29% of the votes. Meanwhile, the Shockwave launcher is really about to be introduced to the game. It’s missing less than 1% to 100%.

It looks like the gun should be in the game today. However, it is difficult to say what it will look like. Will Epic wait for the next update, or maybe it will introduce the gun from a server-side – then Fortnite would not require any updates.