Fortnite recreated the hit from Netflix – Squid Game. Just don’t tell the boomers anything or they’ll get scared

Fortnite players showed the possibilities of Creative Mode once again by recreating scenes from the “Squid Game” series.

Squid Game is a very interesting series about broke people who agree to play a mystery game. We don’t want to give too many details here, so we’ll just say that life is at stake – this can be deduced from the trailers themselves.

Fortnite players recreated this concept, which has already started to be commented on by “boomers”. There are voices online that this mode should be removed. Of course, this will be extremely difficult, because by searching the web, you can already find several dozen such modes.

Squid Game in Fortnite

There are several different games in the series, at the moment the Fortnite community has focused primarily on the first. The rules are simple, go to the “green” sign and stop at the “red” sign. If the person does not stop, they “drop out”.

There is a doll on the show, so it is also in the game. Everything works similarly in these modes, but they are executed in very different ways.

In some modes there is a doll, in others, dozens of people are for “service”, in some, there are no mechanics, and players find an empty, but nicely made location. Such a short presentation of what it looks like can be seen below:


In most countries, Squid Game has only been rated Appropriate for a minimum age of 14.

One can expect controversy to arise only as more boomers learn about it. Potentially, our news will spread more, so for websites that do not understand completely, it is worth noting that:

  • Epic has nothing to do with it.
  • Epic can remove temporary modes, but players are responsible for them.
  • The game has its own age restrictions.

It’s not like Fortnite itself released a new mode or started a cooperation with the series. In addition to the fact that the saying that “Fortnite is for kids” has always been forced, Epic has never released any data on the average age of its players.