Leaks about the new Fortnite skin say that the game will include a legendary character associated with Halloween

Seems Epic wants to surprise its players.

The moderators of the leaks subreddit have provided pertinent information in the past on what to expect in Fortnite. This time it is really the only source of reports about a very specific skin and possible cooperation.

That could explain all this action with the Battle Bus at Universal Studios in Hollywood. By the way, the bus looks like this:

What could this mean?

According to the moderators, this is about a potential cooperation, under which a Frankenstein skin would be added to Fortnite. It would be his 1930 version.

It would explain one of the encrypted skins – it makes sense, but at the moment these are only unconfirmed leaks. If the skin is in the files, it is well hidden and there is no way to check.

Everything will probably be clarified at the end of the month, when the Fortnitemares, an event prepared by Epic Games for Halloween, is officially launched.