A new throwable item is coming to Fortnite that will create areas with a different dimension

Epic still wants to expand on the topic of another dimension, so a new item will be coming to Fortnite soon.

In Season 8, Epic introduced “zones” with a different dimension. This is a very interesting theme that, according to leakers, will be expanded. It is not yet known when, while Fortnite is to be introduced another, throwable dimension.

The method of operation is theoretically very simple but leaves many questions. After throwing it in a specific place, a bubble with a different dimension appears. The only question is whether it will be big, or maybe it’s a mini-version.

A throwable, alternative dimension

It is not known whether this other dimension will have everything that this “normal” offers, i.e. unusual weapons, the presence of zombies, etc. We probably won’t find out any time soon, because, as leakers say, it’s only an early stage of work.

The bottle is just a placeholder at the moment, the item itself will look completely different. The date of its release and the details related to it remain unknown for the time being.