For some reason, a futuristic version of the Fortnite Battle Bus is being made in Hollywood

Gamers have learned that a Fortnite Battle Bus is being built in Hollywood.

The Fortnite battle bus in the real world is nothing new. Recently we saw it standing on the dusty streets of Egypt.

Now its second version has been created. It’s hard to say why and why, but there is clearly a second bus in front of Universal Studios, already fully “operational”.

Second battle bus

Gamers realized that a second Battle Bus is being built in front of Universal Studios. On the first day it was completely obscured so that it was impossible to know what was going on:

On the second day, there was no doubt that this was about Fortnite. However, it is difficult to say why the bus was built a second time. Maybe it will be used for some event in real life, or maybe it’s just such an attraction.

You can see that the construction is still ongoing, and this version differs from the previous one. It is possible that this is some futuristic version, but so far very little is known about it. In fact, players only have two photos and that’s it.