Leak from former Epic employee about Fortnite Chapter 3 release date in December

A potential leak from someone claiming to be a former Epic employee became big news online.

At the beginning, it is worth noting that this is nothing confirmed. There was a leak on the web from someone claiming to be a former Epic Games employee who has knowledge of possible studio plans for update 22.00.

It sounds very interesting, but it cannot be taken for granted. The most important thing in this leak is information about a potential release date for Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 in December?

Leaks and information on chapter 3 appear daily. For example, yesterday it was said that the premiere of the new chapter will take place after a 2-day break.

Now, however, other leaks have emerged that the release date for the new chapter is December 5th. This is what a person claiming to be a former Epic employee claims. The leak is quite extensive, but it mainly affects the creative mode, and the most important information is the lack of season 9.

It’s definitely getting more exciting when it comes to seasons and chapters. However, it is difficult to say unequivocally what is true and what is not. In the last 3 days, we saw over a dozen leaks that were mutually exclusive.