This could be the longest event in Fortnite history. Date and duration of the event discovered?

Players have a theory about the duration and specific start time of the event at the end of the current Fortnite season.

Everyone knows that the current Fortnite Season 8 ends on December 5. There is only one update left by the end of the season, marked 18.40. This one should be out next week.

Thereafter, players will face a period of downtime that will lead to an event. Interestingly, the community suspects that it has discovered a specific start time for the event.

How long will the event last?

A hint about the duration of the event and the starting time was unexpectedly found in one of the banners. Hardly anyone noticed it, but the validity of one of the codes ends at a very specific time.

Epic typically has its codes end in full hours. An exception was made in this case. Why? A good question, according to leakers 9:20 UTC, may be the exact moment when Fortnite will stop working.

So it would seem that the event will last from 4 pm to 4:20 pm EDT. If so, we would have potentially the longest event in history. However, it’s worth remembering that Epic sometimes has a slight delay of 5-10 minutes. This was the case with Ariana Grande’s concert, for example, when everyone thought something had gone wrong.

Initially, it can be assumed that the end of the season and the event will take place on the evening of December 5, 2021. This, however, is unconfirmed information based on theories of the community. Epic hasn’t confirmed anything yet.