Fortnite broke. Someone found a way to troll all players in Creative Mode

Either someone found a loophole, or Epic made a mistake and chaos ensued.

Players who visit the creative mode on a daily basis must have been surprised today to see that there are several dozen, if not several hundred, of the same modes with different colors. The names of the accounts from which these modes are added are unnatural as if generated randomly.

Someone apparently found a way to bypass Epic security and add any images to the featured artwork.

What does it look like?

The case has already been reported to Epic, but at the moment it looks quite bizarre. Apart from the modes with a large inscription informing about the corruption of the tab with modes, currently such modes have taken over Fortnite:

It’s hard to say why, but something is clearly wrong. Especially since the miniatures can show things completely unrelated to Fortnite:

People sharing information about Fortnite talk about bugging the algorithm, or possibly outsmarting it.

It’s hard to say when Epic will do something about it, or anythung at all. The grass collection mode is still available.