It is known what the Fortnite map will look like at the very end of season 8. It will change a lot

Leakers published photos of the Fortnite map from the very end of season 8. What will change?

There is still some time until the end of this season, but it is already known that it will be quite intense. It is true that no updates should be expected, but Epic will not let players get bored.

The map will undergo a few more changes, they will not be extremely invasive, at least in such matters as complete changes of spots. But in fact, most of the map will be “captured”.

What will the map look like at the end of the season?

You can guess that the map will change every day. It is difficult to say, however, whether these will be phases and what will accompany the entire transformation.

It definitely has something to do with the queen and the introduction of players not to the new season, but a completely new chapter. Leakers are not able to provide any additional information apart from the map, which will probably appear in chapter 3.

One of the screens directly shows a place that does not exist at the moment. So you can guess that it will be interesting.