It is already known how long Fortnite Chapter 4 season 4 will last. Season 5 will begin at the end of the year

Today’s update featured the end date of S4 and the start of Season 5 at the same time.

Today’s Fortnite update was not some kind of breakthrough, although it actually included some interesting additions. The main one today was the changes to the store. In addition to this, it is known that Season 3 will definitely end no earlier than September 13.

Indeed, in the description of the update there is information:

No matter which kind of person you are, set serenity to flame in Fire with Fire Week — happening from September 7 at 9 AM ET to September 13 at 9 AM ET! 

That is, the end of the season probably according to all previous announcements, leaks, and information will end on September 13.

What about the next seasons?

In addition to this, the leakers predict how much season 4 of Chapter 3 will last. There is no major breakthrough here. This one will start in September and end in December, specifically 4.12.2022.

The launch is expected one day later, on December 5. This is the normal length of the season, which lasts about 3 months.

Probably in a while some people will already be looking for this information.