What changed in today’s Fortnite update? A technical break to introduce…

Fortnite got update 21.51 today, and unfortunately not too many things were introduced.

Everyone was expecting event files and those were probably actually added. The problem is that everything is encrypted. The technical break has been in effect since 4 a.m. ET, but leakers have not many things to say in terms of news.

So what has been introduced? Basically, the only visible new feature is one icon, which currently serves no purpose. The gameplay hasn’t changed, a few bugs have been fixed, and that’s basically it.

The entire update for one icon

The PC update weighs more than 600MB, so something has definitely been introduced. Everything is additionally encrypted, so even leakers have no way of getting into it. Epic clearly doesn’t want anyone to see what has been prepared.

So it remains to wait these few days for the end of the season preceded by appropriate trailers and announcements. Today there is unlikely to be any more news, although who knows – Epic likes to surprise.