An artist working on Fortnite revealed what Epic was planning to introduce a few seasons ago

One of the artists working with Epic showed off a design that ultimately didn’t make it into the game.

In Season 5, Chapter 2, something was supposed to be introduced into Fortnite that would have certainly changed the gameplay. Epic either planned or even had portals ready. Their operation is not fully known, but one guess is that it could function similarly to what was in the “Portal” series of games.

That is, you open one portal, then another, and you can move between them. This would certainly give new gameplay possibilities – unfortunately, Epic did not use this idea.

What did it look like?

Information about this appeared through conceptual graphics added by one of Epic’s artists. There you can see two portals – one “entrance” and the other “exit”.

There is little doubt that the idea was for players to be able to create them themselves, go through them and then close them in some way.

It is unknown if Epic will ever return to this idea again. It is known that it was intended for Season 5 of Chapter 2. If the developers had wanted to, these portals would have been in the game for a long time.