Is it known when exactly Tilted Towers will return to Fortnite? It may be on their birthday

Leakers suspect Tilted Towers will be back in Challenge Week 8, and they have a specific date too.

We wrote some time ago that in Challenge Week 8 there is a reference to the Tilted Towers. So it seems certain that the spot will be unveiled either exactly in the 8th week or even before it.

People searching the game files have a theory that is closely related to the birthday of this location. It turns out that they “accidentally” fall on the 8th week of challenges.

When can the Tilted Towers return?

According to leakers, the likely date of return is January 18. This is when the 4th birthday of this particular spot falls. This will be either the 19.10 Content Update or the 19.20 Update.

So it would turn out that the snow really has to melt if Epic wants to make it by January 18, 2021. Theoretically, it is a lot of time, practically we are talking about less than a month. Everyone thought the snow would last longer, but here we are, apparently the developers have other plans.