Fortnite is the most searched game on the adult website. People were looking for specific skins

Fortnite “won” with all other games in a rather unusual combination.

PH, a website for adults, has published its annual list of the most searched phrases. Everything has been divided into specific categories. The website has a very specific approach to it, so it’s absolutely credible.

In short, you know which games were most searched for. Everyone already knows that Fortnite is currently TOP 1.

What games were searched most often, which Fortnite skins?

Fortnite won, Minecraft came in second – these two games, as you can see, fight each other not only for players. Overwatch came in third place. The rest of the TOP 5 are:

  • Pokemon,
  • Brawl Stars (yeah, really),
  • Among Us,

In addition to the games mentioned, there is also a list of the most-searched characters. There are two Fortnite skins there. These are:

  • Jules,
  • Ruby.

Epic is unlikely to boast about winning in such an unusual competition.