In Fortnite you will be able to hire your bodyguard to help fighting with opponents

Epic is constantly working on new features for Fortnite. The latest leaks show that players will be able to hire their own bodyguards.

In something called “Developer Settings” there is said to be a new feature that allows you to hire your own bodyguard. Players will be able to hire one of the bots to help them deal with their opponents.

It is worth noting, however, that the leak does not come from renowned leakers. However, it has gained such popularity that it should be mentioned.

Hiring your own bodyguards

According to the available information, a special “spawner” of bots will appear in the game, which will be able to help players. Not much is known about it yet, but it is easy to imagine that a hired bot will simply follow the player and help eliminate opponents.

This feature was to be added soon, only developers can use it. At least, this is the information provided by the leaker.

It is not known if it will eventually appear in the game and what Epic’s plans are for bodyguards.