In Fortnite, the mechanics of sliding will appear, but also going prone

Leakers have new information for players about new mechanics related to movement.

Everyone already knows that in Fortnite there is to be the possibility of sliding at some point. This is probably not a matter of Season 9 but Chapter 3.

Now, according to unofficial information, it will also be possible to lie down in the game.

Prone in Fortnite

As we read in the leaks, holding down the crouch button will make the character lie down completely. This activity itself is to take a while so that it is not too OP.

It is not known whether it is supposed to work like crawling, or whether the character will not be able to move. Information is to come from testers of season 9, while here various leaks give different information.

Some say Epic is planning this for Chapter 3, others point to Season 9 – you can see that even the people searching the game files are not fully sure.