Epic is ready to take this risky step. Updated the game mode to Fortnite without …

In Update 18.30, several game modes were updated, including the one that is really risky for Epic.

In Fortnite, there have always been discussions about whether the building element is needed for Epic Games production to exist. The community has repeatedly suggested that developers should give players the option of playing Fortnite with or without building.

It looks like Epic is ready to take the risk and see if players would actually be more likely to play Fortnite if the building mechanic wasn’t there.

Updated game mode without building

According to leakers, Epic is actually ready to enable “No build” mode in Duo format. What would it look like? It’s just Fortnite with no building component. There is no information in the leaks that the pool of items etc. will be changed.

It is not known when this game mode will be activated, but it will probably be soon. Then it remains to be seen if the players are interested in it at all.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the mode without building in solo format, it is difficult to say if something like this will ever see the light of day. Much will depend on the reaction and popularity of the duo mode.