If you had this skin in Fortnite, today you got a free style

The lucky ones who bought one of the skins got a style for it today.

Epic not very often, but sometimes adds completely new styles to older skins. You do not have to pay extra for them and it should be treated as a gift. This time the style is really interesting and many people will certainly buy the skin because of it.

To pick up the style, you don’t have to do much. The player simply has to log into the game and confirm that they have received the style.

Free skin style

Skin Geometrik was on sale just two weeks ago and will probably be back in a moment. Originally it came out last month. Now Epic decided it’s time to tweak it a bit.

As a result, the skin has three different styles, the latter of which is perhaps the most interesting. It has a golden version.

If you bought this skin, today you got the style for it. Overall, Epic made a surprise for players, not only with this skin, but also with the free one for recruiting friends, and bonus content for Fortnite Crew has been added.

Geometrik will probably come back to the store soon since Epic updated him. The exact date is unknown, but it is probably a matter of several days.