How to get a free pickaxe, backpack and emoticon for Fortnite’s 5th birthday – just do the challenges

Epic has confirmed leaks regarding upcoming challenges that will allow you to unlock several free items.

Fortnite’s 5th birthday is an opportunity to get free items. Somehow there are not exceptionally many of them, but the important thing is that they are there, and they are free for everyone. On September 23 after 9 am ET you will see in-game challenges to do.

After completing them you will get a total of three items:

  • Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling
  • Celebratory Slice Pickaxe
  • Sparklecake Emoticon

With that said, when Epic writes about the “emoticon,” they mean emoji. That’s that, so you won’t be disappointed.

Fortnite’s 5th birthday

At the same time, some mechanics such as the birthday gift and HP regeneration cake will be restored to the game.

During the birthday festivities, the Battle Bus will be flying with a new birthday paint job. After thanking the bus driver for dropping you off at your favorite POI, find yourself a Birthday Present on the Island full of high-grade loot, as well as delicious, restorative Birthday Cake. There’s decor too — Balloons (a.k.a. convenient floating devices) are also back!

There is limited time to complete the challenges. The campaign will last only a few days, until September 27 at 9 am ET.

This is one of those smaller events, but it’s worth logging in at the time and getting these items – they may be fairly unique in a few years.