How do I get this free Fortnite wrap? The opportunity will come tonight

Players will again be able to get a special wrap, which is distributed mainly during various actions on Twitch.

“Octo” is a paint that most Fortnite players should already know. It was originally given as drops on Twitch last year. Now the action is back and players will have the opportunity to pick up the wrap again.

When, what, and how?

First of all, you need to have your Twitch account linked to your Epic Games account. You will do it in the TTV settings. It is not particularly complicated. Then watch the Brazilian Fortnite Channel for roughly 30 minutes.

Paint drops will be turned on at the specified time. It’s supposed to be 7 pm EDT. After about 30 minutes of watching even a muted stream, you should get this wrap:

Is it worth not sleeping until 7? The wrap is quite unique, but it doesn’t make a big impression. It has been available several times and will probably appear again in the future. However, it’s always a free wrap.