Epic awards Fortnite players 150,000 XP for a mistake, and even more. What it depends how much you will get?

Epic gives experience points because of a bug.

There have been similar situations before, and now another one is taking place. There was a bug in Fortnite that incorrectly accumulated experience points. Despite reaching new levels, the status of the XP bar remained the same.

Epic knew this and as a result, players are now getting XP level compensation. The bufix started on October 13, and it has already been completed tonight.

How much XP can you get?

The amount of XP depends on your progress. Therefore, some get 50,000 XP, others 150,000.

This is true for every country and every player. Probably logging in to Fortnite today, you will also be in for a nice surprise. Rather, no additional bonuses should be expected.