A Fortnite glider that has returned after more than 1,000 days of absence from the store. Real OG

One of the gliders came back to the store today, what’s so interesting about it?

Epic has been bringing back old items that couldn’t be bought for a year or two for a while now. Today, the developers really went crazy, there was a glider in the store, which had not been in the store for over 1000 days.

Why does Epic sometimes “forget” about its items? This has never been explained, but you can guess that it is simply about their attractiveness.

Return after over 1000 days

Items released so long ago are usually not the most beautiful. It means that at the time of their premiere, a few years ago, hardly anyone was interested in them. Now they have some specific value mainly because of their rarity.

This is exactly the case with this glider, it was created in 2017, it was available for the first time on December 16, 2017. It was last available for purchase in January 2019.

Rarity is its own thing, but you can see from the opinions of players that it is probably not the best glider in Fortnite.

Its only value is its rarity. In total. It was gone for 1003 days. Now it’s available again. The only question is whether anyone will be tempted to do so.