Codes for a free wrap for Fortnite “Goo Buddies”. Where to get it?

Various types of giveaways related to green wrap have appeared on the web. Yes, you can get it for free. How?

If the thread of free Fortnite items appears, then Stream Elements must also. Of course, this is another action strictly dedicated to the partners of the program. You just have to be a streamer to join it.

The requirements aren’t incredibly high, it is enough to have an average of 5 people on your broadcasts which must be at least 10 hours long. You can sign up on the official website.

Free wrap in Fortnite

This time, for completing the task of publishing your favorite “combo” on social media, there is a prize in the form of a special wrap – “Goo Buddies”. It was written in the offer of the website itself:

The wrap has a different name, but the indications are that it looks like this:

How to get it? The easiest way is to join Stream Elements. Otherwise, you have to be lucky on a giveaway on social media. Just enter “Goo Buddies” on Twitter, for example, to find dozens of giveaways. However, it is worth remembering that a large number of them are false. The wrap was given to relatively few people, so there is no way that all these competitions are real.

It is very possible that it will not be some special wrap. According to unconfirmed information, it will normally go to the store at a later date.