Free gifts will come back to Fortnite. This is what the latest leaks indicate

The first concrete leaks regarding a future event, already a winter one.

Although there is still a lot of time until Christmas, Epic is already getting ready for it. In update 18.30, the first references to the event that developers are preparing for the holiday period appeared.

These are not the first leaks for season 9, you could already know what skins Epic plans to introduce. All, of course, thanks to the disclosed survey, which has been turning out to be 100% true so far.

First information about the winter event

This year, players will probably get the opportunity to open gifts again. There are lines of code in the files:

  • “WinterQuestDetailsScreen”
  • “WinterquestPresentScreen”
  • Already Opened”
  • Come back every day to open a new present!”
  • “Not A Present”
  • “Save for Last!”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we’re talking about standard daily gifts. You should not expect any challenges here, but a more standard screen with a Christmas tree, etc.

As a reminder, Epic has previously talked about two skins that will be released during Christmas and will be designed by the players themselves. So there will probably be at least two skins to pick up.

In previous years, the winter events started sometime in mid-December. This year it will probably be similar.